Remorseless cruelty

The actions of these demented sociopath couple, managed to disturb my days of quietude. Throughout this very complicated, if not confusing elaboration of their life story, there is much discussion of faith, the perception of need versus greed.

Soon after their marriage, they learned that the lady cannot conceive. Then followed, 8 years of extreme conscientious medical treatments. And so yes, thanks to all advance in medicine, the couple learned they are going to be parents soon. But soon they learned one more thing; they will have to take up the responsibility of upbringing a female child. They made their decision very soon, ‘they don’t want the child’. The lady, childless for 8 years, was not ready to nurse a female child.

So heinous! Now it is clear once more that nobody wants to have a girl child. And they still believe that God is responsible for their unhappiness.

I remember reading this “The phenomenon of female infanticide is as old as many cultures, and has likely accounted for millions of gender-selective deaths throughout history.” Oh yes, but why? Due to the preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of females. Murdering girls is still sometimes believed to be a wiser course than raising them.

Dowry abolished. As per records we gained male, female equality, but the story of sex-selective abortion still continues.


Quick Updates

some more updates as on Oct 14
1. My parents are officially hatin me....
2. To make things look a lil better... I just have to go 'n see this guy workin for IBM...'n if he likes me (if I like him, seems to be toattaly outta general discussion) ... well that's it.... get the white frock....
3. oh man I'll no longer be single...
4. he doesn't want a workin wife (means I'll have a fuckin life)....

Did I miss something????? Oh Ho hohO... NOOOOOooooooooooo....

1. I was in a condition of biological rest for about a month now, no blogging (Well, U can’t blame me. It was all ‘coz of the accident! It was so funny)

2. I found out that Ruplai can be sweet at times, she took print outs of every new post on every blog dat I read.

3. She also insisted her boyfriend to come to our place with his laptop, so dat I could blog (while they %^$@@ in the next room. OOOPs!!!).

4. My relatives in search for a groom. It can’t get better than this!!!

5. Met a strikingly odd husband and wife. They deserve to be executed.

6. I am confused with my officially crazy mood swings. Still trying to find out the reason for me being discombobulated.

7. My ex-boy friend got engaged and he FORGOT to tell me!!! Should I buy that?

8. Nights I get so liquored up. Well I quit smoking.